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Sunday 15th September 2013.


As our first one day sportive the Tiffin Wheeler was a huge learning curve for us and we really appreciate all the feedback and are looking to make our next event even better.

We hope you enjoyed the event. 





    • Charlotte Meins says

      Hi Becky 

      No, there is no time limit, The timing we provide is just for you to know how long it took you and we will be setting bronze silver and gold times so participants can aim for one of those if they want to. Otherwise its complete it at your own pace, we will have support on the course until everyone is finished. however we would encourage that if you think it may take you a bit longer to start earlier. We would expect that a course like the 90 would take about 7-8 hrs if your averaging a speed of about 11-12mph.


    • Charlotte Meins says

      Hi Ian 

      Yes we do provide timing chips you will be given these when you register the attach to you shoe and are reusable so we take them back at the end. 


    • Charlotte Meins says

      Parking is available but is extra £5 on entry fee to prebook as spaces are limited, we will be charging for unbooked as well on the day which will be £7.50 . there are other car parks around that all charge similar rates on a sunday.

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